Digital Signage Kiosk Singapore

LCD outdoor Digital kiosks are standalone electronic touchscreen devices for use in public areas like parks, sidewalks, streets, and other areas with lots of foot traffic. They often give visitors information, including directions, wayfinding maps, and advertisements.

Features of Interactive Digital Signage

Kiosks offer interactive services like product ordering, online ticketing, and other self-service choices. They are self-contained units that can provide various information and services to the general public. They are combined with a computer, touch screen, and other hardware and software components.

Digital standing kiosk enclosures with touch-sensitive LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are the basis of LCD outdoor digital standing kiosks. Usually, the casing of the kiosk has an integrated computer, power supply, and additional parts like speakers and cameras.

They are strong, resilient, and capable of withstanding heavy use and rough weather. They can also come with various features, such as integrated barcode scanners, card readers, and other add-ons.

When a digital experience is intended to impact significantly, the Digital Signage Kiosk can offer the ideal solution. It is provided as a fully interactive, floor-standing display in two sizes: 55 and 65 inches. Its size guarantees its impact, and its touchscreen simplicity offers an interactive user experience.

Why Choose SignEagles

With the wide range of sleek, thin, and eye-catching kiosk enclosures from SignEagles, you can create a statement that will resonate with your audience. These solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications, including business, public transportation, hospitality, education, hospitals, retail stores, shopping centres, and wayfinding. They can also be used for advertising or as a digital directory.

At SignEagles, various digital kiosk are made to function dependably in any environment. Applications for these kiosks, which range in size from tablet to 84″ large format, include wayfinding, interactive displays, digital signage, and information terminals.

Interactive displays are wayfinders in shopping malls and outdoor environments, providing information via a website or application.

In all of Singapore’s weather conditions, our outdoor LCD digital signage solutions—whether they take the form of a touchscreen kiosk or display local advertisements that are clear and readable in addition to providing public information.

All-in-One Interactive Digital Kiosk

The All-in-One Portrait Kiosk from SignEagles is the perfect option for a range of digital signage applications, including government, retail, healthcare, and public areas. The sleek, fashionable kiosk design provides easy installation and maintenance and the durability required for public use.

Use SignEagles’s Smart City Kiosk, an award-winning solution that replaces static signage, to increase public engagement and enable seamless updates of digital content anywhere, at any time. The Smart City Kiosk emphasises both practicality and design, aiming to be contemporary, friendly, and strong enough to withstand regular use.

SignEagles’s Outdoor Digital Menu Board can boost drive-thru sales and order efficiency. This outdoor, all-weather unit has a thin profile, modular design, low operating costs, and simple installation with just two people.

Discover the beauty of the Landscape Kiosk from SignEagles, built to work with the newest digital signage display. The kiosk’s flat base makes quick access to data and power cables possible, which can be fastened to the ground or left standing. This feature makes installation and maintenance simple.

When combined with touch, the Outdoor Landscape Kiosk can be utilised as an interactive digital directory for wayfinding, assisting people in navigating and getting to know their surroundings. SignEagles’s Outdoor Landscape Kiosk is the perfect option for numerous high-traffic outdoor locations.

In addition to giving customers an immersive experience, kiosks give businesses a remarkable data analysis and interpretation capacity. Create an immersive environment with dynamic content to engage your audience. Retail store directories, restaurant menus, and other applications look great on digital signage kiosks.

Benefits of Our Interactive Digital Kiosks

One of the key benefits of outdoor digital standing kiosks is their ability to offer various services and information to customers comfortably. In addition, their power consumption is comparatively lower than that of conventional CRT screens.

Due to their exposure to the elements, they often cost more to buy and maintain than other kiosks and need more care to maintain good operating order.

The interactive Digital Signage Kiosk is perfect for conferences, mall displays, exhibits, retail, showrooms, and experiential activations. It can be used as a centrepiece for a larger presentation or as the ideal standalone engagement piece.


The image quality on our indoor LCD screens is excellent. Our screens have two display modes: high bright (up to 2,500 Nits) and crystal clear high definition. This indicates that they can be seen in both direct and indirect light. Hence, they are ideal as outdoor screens.


We have displays that are 32″ to 86″. This makes them ideal in any situation. They can also be designed to show in either portrait or landscape orientation.


Our indoor displays are durable and well-built. They are also made to run for years on end, nonstop. This implies that excessive use or exposure to direct sunlight won’t cause our displays to burn out.