Product Packaging

At Signeagles, we can now provide packaging printing to our clients as one of our newest services. To make your package stand out from the competition, choose from a wide range of specialist stock options and finishes available from us. We also offer affordable small-run packaging orders for smaller companies. To discuss our complete selection of packaging alternatives, contact us immediately.

Product Packaging

Types Of Product Packaging Services We Offer

  • Product packaging
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Bakery packaging
  • Perfume packaging
  • Custom packaging
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Chocolate packaging

Designing Packaging

We also provide packing design services here at Signeagles. Our experienced designers offer original packaging for our customers and can adapt the designs to your company’s demands. To begin working on your new package initiatives, contact us right now.

Types of Packaging

Folded Boxes

On folding cartons, we often print and design packages for many clients. They might be more affordable and have delightful exterior designs to draw the attention of buyers. They are common in retail businesses and may be the most common packaging you come across daily.


Rigid Boxes

These are stronger, non-folding boxes as opposed to folding cartons. Due to their rigid structure, they are typically used for products of greater value or when heavy and need a stronger packaging solution.

Corrugated Boxes

These are usually used for more extensive packaging requirements and are commonly called brown cardboard boxes. They are most frequently used for transporting and high-volume paper file storage. If the item is bigger than an A4 size, you might need to upgrade to a corrugated box, mainly if it is heavier.