Brochure Printing Singapore

A Great, Cost-Effective Tool For Promoting Your Company is a Brochure.

They are a direct approach to informing customers and clients about your services or products. To produce cost-effective economic brochures, Signeagles offers various tools and equipment that use the newest technologies and finest quality printers. We can print virtually any quantity of pages in almost any size and with nearly any color scheme. Let us know if you require quick-turnaround high-quality brochure printing for an upcoming event.

Brochure Printing Singapore | Singapore
Brochure Printing Singapore

High-end Brochures At A Reasonable Cost

We Have More Than a Decade of Experience in This Industry and Thousands of Satisfied Customers.

We can print any document, including flyers, postcards, posters, stationery, and business cards

With a highly skilled design team that can make your foldable brochures stand out and generate results, Signeagles has everything you need on staff. Our knowledgeable pricing team can advise you on the best paper and finishing options to guarantee you get the most bang for your buck. 

We use the most effective printers, technology, papers, and finishing tools to ensure exceptional outcomes. We give you the best brochures possible because of our meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control on all printed goods.

Folded Brochures Printing Singapore

Almost every finish is available for affordable brochures from Signeagles.

Also, we provide other folded brochure printing designs like the tri-fold, bi-fold, z-fold, and four-panel folds. Signeagles will ensure you discover the ideal size, shape, and fold mix.

These are some typical brochure sizes.

The most typical and accepted width for flyers and brochures is this one. This is the size of a standard ream of paper that you might purchase from your neighborhood shop. With a brochure this large, it takes work to go right.

Usually, an A4 sheet is folded in half to make one half of the page—a fantastic smaller choice.

This piece of paper is a third of an A4 page. Typically, you would begin with an A4 size paper and fold it three times. Putting the front and rear together results in 6 panels.

This choice is gaining popularity. A6 greeting cards are an excellent choice because they are the size of a typical postcard. It takes effort to handle and post.

one of the most substantial alternatives. Although printing brochures this large is uncommon, it can still be advantageous. A3 is twice as large as an A4 sheet.

Custom Brochure Printing

Have you thought about a specific size for your brochures? Ask us! We are open to hearing your demands and can print in any size or shape.

We maintain a wide variety of paper stocks on hand to quickly print practically any type of brochure. While glossy paper is the most popular choice for printing brochures, other possibilities include recycling, satin, and metallic. Various thicknesses, including 100gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, and 300gsm, are available for most materials.

High-Quality Brochure Printing

We pay the utmost attention to detail and take every precaution to ensure we get your high-quality brochures precisely as you intended.

Every artwork is carefully examined for typical printing problems, and we only start printing a file once a copy has been submitted to the client and received their approval.

Our prints use the best inks and materials, and our eye-catching designs make your brochures stand out. Signeagles can help you grow your company.

We offer brochures in a wide range of sizes and formats. A typical brochure is folded in half, but depending on your requirements, we can provide more complex shapes, folds, and page numbers. Your leaflet will significantly impact the reader and attract attention if it has upscale finishing touches like fold-outs or bespoke forms.

High-Quality Brochure Printing
Brochure Printing Singapore
Competitively Priced Printing

Competitive Prices Are Available From Signeagles.

To ensure our price is reasonable and beneficial to our customers, we continuously improve our offerings and compare them to our competitors. High-quality brochures are an excellent way to inform your customers using text and images to promote your products or services. You don’t need to be a skilled designer to get great results for your business—our team of designers can use your information and logos to make a glossy brochure for you.

We offer exceptional brochure printing both nationally and locally with outstanding outcomes. No matter where you are in Singapore, we will be pleased to ship your brochures. Several organizations receive great visual results from our distinctive approach to low-cost brochure printing, which leads to higher sales.


Each type of brochure, including metallic, Spot UV, bespoke sizes, and many more, can be printed by us. Please reach out to us if you have any more inquiries.

With a 2.5mm bleed/margin, print-ready files with artwork are preferred. Send us the file if you have artwork but need to check if it’s print-ready so we can check it for you.