Lightbox Signage

Improved Day And Night Visibility of Your Business

Lightbox signs are a powerful way to brand and promote your company around the clock.

Lightbox signage is a type of illuminated sign that uses bright lights to make your business stand out. The sign is made up of a box with a translucent front panel that is illuminated from within. The front panel can be customized with your business logo, message, or any other design that you want to display.

Lightbox Signage
Lightbox Signage | Light Box Sign | Singapore

Why Use Lightbox Signage

Light up, please! 3D signs or illuminated light boxes are excellent tools to have in your marketing or advertising toolbox. They are noticeable day or night, catching the attention of oncoming pedestrians.

Use lightbox signage for external fascia or pylons to be seen from busy areas. They can showcase your brand inside, above counters, in waiting rooms, and on shopfronts, giving it a polished, businesslike appearance. At Signeagles, we made light boxes from acrylic or aluminium. They could have a single side or two sides. Also, we provide a variety of lighting choices for your lightbox.

Lightboxes are a very versatile format to fulfill your needs. They have opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces with digitally printed translucent illuminated graphics.

Benefits of Light Box Signage

There are many benefits to using light box sign for your business. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility
  • 24/7 Advertising
  • Customizable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Improved Branding
Different Types of Lightbox Signage
There are numerous shapes and sizes for light boxes. They may be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, suspended from wires, free-standing, or employed as exhibition stands. Signeagles employs licensed electricians to install light boxes built to your requirements and engineered to comply with local building codes. While selecting a lightbox sign, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Double or single-sided: Wall mounting or a reception area are the finest places for a single-sided design. A good option for hanging from awnings, the front of a building, or atop a pylon, double-sided displays your message from both sides. Graphics are placed under your instructions.

Neon or LED: LED light box signage is dependable, bright, and economical. If you like this aesthetic better, neon can give off a more nostalgic vibe.

Acrylic and Aluminium: Both acrylic and aluminium are strong materials ideal for crafting a one-of-a-kind lightbox. Either one, both, or a combination of the two are options.

Flex Face: These panels are an alternative to older-style acrylic light boxes with ugly joints. These can be produced for bigger lightbox signs so that your brand, message, or other graphics are continuously displayed.

We at Signeagles are experts in light box design and can advise the most valuable location. We set up light boxes that you can place anywhere you wish. A flex face illuminated hoarding, a pylon sign, slimline edge designs for retail displays, double-sided light boxes for hanging beneath awnings, and much more are available.

Why Choose Us

Signeagles can provide light boxes in all shapes and sizes, including wall-mounted lightbox signages, single and double-sided under-awning light boxes, slimline edge-lit for retail displays, and flex-face lighted billboards.

We cater to all design aspects and the ideal placement by local ordinances and are visible day and night. We’ll help you decide whether your eye-catching logo will be dropped from an overhanging awning or cantilevered off the side of a building.

Signeagles can supply and install custom light boxes for a polished and professional appearance. Moreover, they might be draped from awnings or ceilings or utilized as show stands. We’ll work to present your message in the most favorable light, ensuring that you receive the most exposure.

We provide materials and designs that match your needs and price range. We offer lightbox signage with all internal lighting installed, a steel, polycarbonate, aluminium body, acrylic, or flex face banner panels for the sides. You can have any design or phrase of your choice printed on these panels.

Call us if you need a lightbox sign, a backlit sign, or any other sort of advanced signage. We are a Singapore-based company that provides lightbox signage at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of a lightbox signage can vary depending on its design and maintenance. However, most signages can last anywhere from five to ten years.

Internal fluorescent lighting has been the norm for light boxes. These days, we advise consumers to illuminate lightboxes with LEDs. They have a more uniform distribution of light, are long-lasting, extremely energy-efficient, and require less upkeep and repair.

Keep the design minimal with just the company name or a branding message, and let the lighting do the work. Consider utilizing 3D letters to give your sign a distinctive touch, and consider how the colors will seem when lightening up. High-traffic areas are perfect for lightbox signage in the retail, real estate, banking, dining, and shopping sectors.

Yes, safety should be a top priority when installing lightbox signage. We always follow all safety protocols and use the proper equipment when installing the signage.

Yes, most lightbox signage manufacturers offer customization options for their designs. You can work with them to create a unique design that meets your needs.