Magnet Printing Singapore

Do You Want To Make A Lasting Impression On Potential Customers Using A Fun Strategy? Look No Further Than Our Selection Of Magnets With Custom Printing.

At Signeagles, attracting new clients requires your company to exude an air of charisma. We offer various magnet printing options to make your brand stand out and draw attention over time.

Magnet Printing Singapore | Custom Magnet | Singapore

Why Choose Us

Whether It's A Fridge Magnet To Keep Your Contact Information Nearby Or A Car Magnet Printing To Catch The Attention Of Passersby, Magnets With Custom Printing Are A Fantastic Way To Market Your Business!

Custom-printed magnet printing is reasonably priced and can be printed in the quantity that best meets your needs. They add much to the company’s marketing initiatives, whether used alone or combined with other items.

While we can serve the demand for various styles, specifications, and design options, the highest quality standards are guaranteed. Today, add our fridge and car magnets to your marketing toolbox and start reaping the benefits of their magnetism!

Stand Out

Businesses heavily finance overly complex concepts and goods. However, simple, modest things frequently produce the most important effects. Magnets can be custom printed with the pattern, form, and colour scheme you want to carry to promote your business and message effectively. They will be much more noticeable than other promotional items.

Leave Your Mark

Getting interested from individuals is one thing, but the difficulty lies in getting consistent results. Your marketing materials should help consumers remember your brand. Your business will be recognized because they will see the magnetic materials every time they pass their refrigerator.

Fit The Brand

A marketing effort must be cohesive across various branded and promotional products. The custom-printed magnets can be created to match or enhance other items that may be utilised in the complete advertising approach and can feature nearly any design. 

Different Magnet Printing Options Under One Roof

Custom-Branded Fridge Magnets Must Include A Winning Design To Make The Desired Impression.

By concentrating on a style that reflects your company and grabs its attention, Signeagles can collaborate with you to help bring your vision to life and deliver the brand message with precision and power.

Our professionals can assist you in finding well-liked printed fridge magnet designs, such as;

  • Whiteboard magnets
  • To-do list magnets
  • Photo frame magnets
  • Car Magnets
  • Square corner fridge magnets
  • Circular corner fridge magnets
  • Clip magnets
  • Calendar magnets

           Finding a magnet that can produce the desired reaction is now easier than ever, thanks to the wide range of alternatives customisable to your needs.

Pop Out Business Card Magnets

Signeagles Design Pop-Out Business Card Magnets And Conventional Ridge Magnets.

A conventional magnet and business card holder lets users pick up cards as they pass. Additionally, your contact information will be shown below to spread the word even if business cards run out.

Our personalised pop-out business card magnets look gorgeous and may be used in a variety of applications, such as;

  • On a refrigerator in the office area
  • Any magnetic surface in the store 
  • On a vehicle
  • On any magnetic cover at a trade exhibition
  • Upon arrival at networking events
  • On a home kitchen refrigerator

       The pop-out business card magnets will produce the required results with our fantastic business card creation procedures using templates or bespoke solutions.

Magnet Printing Singapore | Custom Magnet | Singapore
Why Signeagles?

Your Entire Marketing Tool Kit Will Reflect Your Company. Maintaining The Highest Levels Of Perfection Is Our Top Priority.

Signeagles takes pride in producing custom-printed marketing products that have looked great for many years using the best magnets and printing methods. We are considered one of Singapore’s most respected printing firms for several additional reasons.