Frosted Glass Signs

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Window frosting films provide privacy and UV protection and even aid in controlling the temperature of your office. Because of its elegance and versatility, businesses frequently choose this type of signage due to its clear, semi-opaque characteristic. Frosted window film mixes seclusion with the reflective qualities of glass. Frost window film is used and adored at workplaces, residences, shops, and other retail establishments. It can be integrated with other technologies so that your windows or glass partitions have logos, text, and other aspects. For instance, we add creative icing film cut-outs with a printed pattern or company logo. Signeagles is your “go-to” signage firm for your posh office in Singapore if you want frosted glass film.
Frosted Glass Signs

Self-install Items and Installation Services

We always advise using our expert installers over going the DIY route for more difficult undertakings, including the application of larger panels of frosted window film. If you need the necessary equipment and skill level, installing frosted graphics correctly is more complicated. We can offer removal and installation services for frost films in Singapore.

Window Frost Film Applications

Custom Made Frost Window Film

Window frosting film has a variety of uses. Privacy for households, workplace dividers, and manifestation glass strips for safety is the most popular.
The frosted film might look acid-etched or like it has been sandblasted. It provides the utmost seclusion by blocking vision in both directions. In the industry, we only use top materials. There are multiple methods to use frost window film to produce spectacular results. Some were created expressly for printing over or applying cut-out vinyl. Once the installation is complete, the result is noticeable right away. It is extremely durable and long-lasting.
Please contact us to discuss your needs if your project calls for unique and custom frosted window film. We at Signeagles are thrilled about frosted window film!