Table Runner Signs

A wonderful addition to any event display as a table item.

A table runner is a fantastic option for company advertising at any marketing event, whether indoors or outdoors. Our personalised table runners are ideal for transforming your table from plain to magnificent.
Table runners are more practical because size is typically not a concern, while table covers and blankets serve the same purpose. Additionally, if you combine them with a tablecloth in a contrasting colour, your display or booth will stand out and be much easier to spot.
These table runners come in various designs that can readily adapt to the requirements of various businesses. Tablecloths contribute to creating a welcoming space where customers can stop by and discover more about your goods and business. Printed table runners are used in retail, exhibition spaces, trade exhibits, academic institutions, conference facilities, and more. The tablecloths hide stains and blemishes while putting your company forward in the best possible way!
Table Runner Signs

Why Choose Signeagles

Signeagles- Singapore’s top supplier of displays of the highest calibre! Our extensive selection, including banners and unbeatable rates, has helped us create a substantial customer base. Our web catalogue is continually updated with new products to give clients access to the most recent trends & additional advertising standards.
affordable signage for trade shows, exhibitions, storefront displays, or office reception. The tablecloths are appropriate for standard 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot trestle tables and are custom printed in Singapore in high-resolution full colour. A fantastic method to use your trestle table as a professional advertising tool and attract new clients for your company!
your branding requirements, and your bespoke printing. So get ready to embellish your runner with a distinctive design. Ask our in-house designer for assistance if you need it or have problems designing your table runner.
our Custom Table Runners are made to help you stand out from the competition. You may easily give us your logo or design to customise your cover, or you can pick from various pre-designed themes. When adorned with your brand, a unique custom table runner will help you connect with several potential clients at once. It is also a fantastic way to promote your product or company.
You can choose different sizes from Signeagles, which are ideal for your table.

What Benefits Do These Table Runners Offer?

  1. Digital printing choices draw attention by displaying your custom artwork in full colour.
  2. The fabric is flame-retardant and machine washable for a reliable and safe covering.
  3. Use a durable polyester fabric for many years in high-traffic locations.
We create personalised table runner made of high-quality polyester cloth and is perfect for any occasion to advertise your company’s name, goods, or services during an event. Our expertly made-table runner is completely sturdy and simple to care for. They are easy to machine wash and dry to reuse for various events.
Every component of our table topper, from its stitching to its premium twill fabric, is designed to guarantee durability. Signeagles carefully print each section of the table runner with equal care and attention. So, you will receive the same quality if you order large quantities or just one runner for your forthcoming event.