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No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Sign are a essential tool to enforce no smoking rules, especially in and around cafés, clubs, restaurants, and pubs that offer food. Employers are responsible for creating a safe and risk-free working environment, to the extent that it is practical. Most public spaces now have smoking restrictions in place thanks to recent revisions to no-smoking rules by many workcover agencies. No Smoking signs posted throughout the workplace help enforce this rule and maintain compliance.

At Signeagles, our no-smoking signage, promote healthy behaviours and a smoke-free atmosphere.
Safety warnings against smoking have become a crucial component of Singapore’s smoke-free lifestyle. The need for no smoking signs has increased across Singapore as a result of increased legislation and bans on smoking in public places.
We offer a wide variety of custom no smoking signs at Signeagles. Our no smoking signs are unambiguous, succinct, and ideal for a variety of situations including shop fronts, bars, workplaces, and construction sites.
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Commercial Establishments In Singapore Are Required By Law To Display No Smoking Signs.

Numerous circumstances and scenarios are covered by our selection of no smoking safety signs. Without limiting the list, our collection consists of:

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The presence of designated smoking area signage is a need for a safe and healthy workplace, regardless of whether you run a restaurant or work on a construction site with combustible and hazardous products.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team. Depending on your demands and specifications, we can create unique custom no smoking signs. Please let us know the colours, sizes, materials, and emblems you like. We will create a laminated sign of the highest quality that is ideal for your company.

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